Konark Youth Fest

In view of the celebration of “KONARK YOUTH FEST’ we have got an opportunity as well as a high time to mobilize youth forces for the single identification of Indian youth in the a sense of oneness by transcedenting the narrow linguistic loyalties, pretty regionalism, barriers of religions for national building and for the generation of refined nationalism by ensuring the spirit of universal brother hood, unity and peace of the world through integration. Since International Year of Volunteers 2001 Young India has been organizing this national level youth congregation entitled Konark Youth Fest’ at Konark, Odisha and this year the program aims at recognizing the youth population of India belong to one blood and to utilize it to fighting back the social evils, factionalism, bigotry, dogmatic social taboos & superstitions with sense of nationalism, scientific mind, up-holding our cultural heritage and enriched tradition through performing art of various part of the country. This camp will be of radical nature to provide a unique platform for cultural interaction, creative cooperation and intellectual co-ordination by holding workshops, free discussion sessions, art exhibitions and cultural programs on issue-based. Indian culture is the symbol of unity in diversity which have been sustained and nourished for ages having brought about fine blending of various art, communities and social back grounds which will be highly beneficial to boost nationalism, unity & integrity and refinement of youth mind for social transformation.